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Discover what makes us an emerging research university. From biochemistry to athletics, healthcare to humanities, faculty and students across Texas State are contributing new knowledge to the world. Here, they briefly explain their work and why it matters.


Dr. Semih Aslan cleans a solar panel with a rag and water
Deciphering Signals, Engineering SolutionsThe world is full of signals — changes in temperature, pressure, frequency — and Texas State University’s Dr. Semih Aslan, associate professor of engineering, can read them.
students flying drone camera in field
The Science of Player SafetyTexas State University researchers at the Biomechanics and Sports Medicine Lab are working to change how players and coaches view sports-related concussion risks.
Close-up portrait of a nurse wearing a scrub cap and surgical mask
Violence at  Work:  The Untold Risk of NursingHealthcare workers have been struggling for years against a troubling increase in patient violence. Dr. Son Chae Kim is working toward a remedy.
bird's eye view of bobcat trail on texas state campus
Charting a Course Through the Human ExperienceDr. Robert T. Tally Jr., English professor, is a leading scholar in spatial literary studies. He interprets maps made of words rather than lines and shapes.
fish used for cancer research
Combating Cancer with Genetic ResearchResearch with a unique tropical fish is shining new light in the fight against cancer at Texas State University’s Xiphophorus Genetic Stock Center (XGSC), a rare biomedical science resource.