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Our goal is to conduct research that has a positive impact on the world we live in. Discover more about our faculty- and student-led research.   

Charting a Course Through the Human Experience

Dr. Robert T. Tally Jr., English professor, is a leading scholar in spatial literary studies. He interprets maps made of words rather than lines and shapes.

fish used for cancer research

Combating Cancer with Genetic Research

Research with a unique tropical fish is shining new light in the fight against cancer at Texas State University’s Xiphophorus Genetic Stock Center (XGSC), a rare biomedical science resource.

students flying drone camera in field

The Science of Player Safety

Texas State University researchers at the Biomechanics and Sports Medicine Lab are working to change how players, coaches and families view sports-related concussion (SRC) risks.

students flying drone camera in field

Preparing Safer Schools

The Texas School Safety Center, created at Texas State University in 1999, is leading the mission to make every school a safe place for students to thrive.

students flying drone camera in field

New Heights in Digital Media

At the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Professor Cindy Royal leads the team that is teaching new generations of media professionals how they can use the latest digital technology to expand the reach of their reporting, engage audiences and explore the world. 

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