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Texas State University

Showcase YOUR SuperCat

supercat logo

Bobcats soup up the SuperCat

The SuperCat logo was designed in 2003 by student Brad Monk to represent Bobcat Athletics. We love Brad’s design and wanted to see what our Bobcat family could do with it! 

We asked participants to create versions of the SuperCat that represent their major, academic department or research topic.

Here are the top contest entries...

Metal Casting

This SuperCat was cast out of molten bronze at a temperature of 1742 degrees Fahrenheit using a sand casting methodology. This casting was completed by David Coleman during his time as an Undergraduate Research Assistant.

Texas State Marching Band

the texas state marching band forms a supercat on the football field

The Texas State Marching Band forms a SuperCat on the Bobcat Stadium football field.


nano SuperCat

The smallest SuperCat highlights the Physics department's expertise in nanofabrication and materials physics. It is 200 times smaller than a human hair!

Concrete Industry Management

Jeremiah Crespo, a current undergrad student, set this SuperCat mold with an ultra high strength concrete mix.

The Meadows Center

Sonja Mlenar (staff; Education Manager) and Olivia LaGrone (student) recreated the SuperCat in the water just outside of The Meadows Center.

University Marketing

supercat made from tools

A SuperCat made entirely out of the tools the University Marketing team uses to tell the story of Texas State through video, websites, writing and design! The creation was captured by their talented photographers.


The School of Nursing faculty created this SuperCat with items used to teach students about the science and art of nursing, including everything from IV tubing to syringes and a stethoscope.

Electrical Engineering

This SuperCat from Associate Professor Semih Aslan and his student, Brendan Forsman, is printed on a silicon wafer that's just more than 4 inches in diameter.

Clinical Lab Science

petri dish Supercat

A SuperCat grown in a petri dish by a micro-biologist!