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Unique TXST Graduation Tips

Graduation is special no matter where it takes place, but we like to think that Texas State graduations are even more extraordinary than most. As you get ready to take the traditional plunge into the San Marcos River, use the tips below to make your graduation a day to remember!    


Wear waterproof makeup and sunscreen if you plan to jump into the river.

Planning on jumping in the river after you cross the stage? Don't forget to wear waterproof makeup & sunscreen! 

three students smile in the river after they jumped in following graduation
animate image of a Simpsons character struggling to walk in heels

Don't trip!


Wear comfortable/water shoes. Make sure your shoes are tied.

Leave those uncomfortable shoes at home for graduation, Bobcats. Make sure the shoes you pick to match your killer outfit are broken in & fit like a glove! 


Bring a change of clothes: one for the stage and another for the river. 

Don't want to get your new dress or freshly pressed pants wet when you jump in the river? Bring a change of clothes or wear a swimsuit under your dress/suit! 

A group of friends excitedly jump in the river post-graduation
two students enjoy pizza after graduation


Plan buffer time after you walk and before plans with friends and family to clean up. Make lunch or dinner reservations in advance.

No matter what time your commencement is, you're going to be hungry will the hundreds of other Bobcat families in town. Skip the wait and make a reservation in advance! 


Use bobby pins to keep your grad cap in place and make sure there's no lipstick on your teeth.

Having trouble with your grad cap staying on? Use bobby pins! Wearing a bright red lipstick? Check with a friend to make sure it's on your lips and not your teeth!

a line of students smile during graduation, one in particular looks at the camera with bright red lipstick
an image from a camera lens that is halfway under water in the San Marcos river and half way above


Leave your purse/bag with a family member and don't forget to empty your pockets before jumping into the river. 

Is your phone 100% waterproof? If unsure, don't risk it! Remember to empty your pockets before you jump, Bobcats! 


Don't forget your name card to hand Dan Schumacher.

Since 2008, the voice of commencement has been Dan Schumacher of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, who calls out each new graduate’s name. Make sure you don't misplace your name card! 

families and friends line the edge of the river awaiting their graduates


Set a meeting place to find family and friends after the ceremony.

Texas State graduates hundreds of students at every commencement ceremony; don't get lost in a sea of Bobcats! Set a meeting place that's more specific than "near the river" or "under the tree."


Make sure your diploma is right-side up for photos.

"Texas State University" just doesn't look as good upside down. Double check that your diploma is right-side up before you walk, Bobcats!   

a female graduate holds up her diploma during commencement



Above all else... have fun, Bobcats! You've worked so hard to get to today — enjoy every minute of it.