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Discover what makes us an emerging research university. From biochemistry to athletics, healthcare to humanities, faculty and students across Texas State are contributing new knowledge to the world. Here, they briefly explain their work and why it matters.


overhead view of San Marcos river with tubers
Researching Rivers, Protecting ParksYear round, Texans visit parks to enjoy nature. Understanding usage patterns can help preserve these areas for years to come.
student and professor looking at archeology site
Anthropology Students Explore the Depths of Human HistoryAt the Bonfire Shelter, Texas State students and faculty uncover and preserve clues about ancient life.
Students walk through the halls of San Marcos high school in between bells
Striving for Equity in EducationWe are all stakeholders in the education system. Dr. Melissa A. Martinez wants to ensure that it’s working for everyone.
Close-up portrait of a nurse wearing a scrub cap and surgical mask
Violence at  Work:  The Untold Risk of NursingHealthcare workers have been struggling for years against a troubling increase in patient violence. Dr. Son Chae Kim is working toward a remedy.
helicopter in front of a lake and smoke
Igniting a Culture of LearningDr. Rebekah Fox of Texas State's communication studies department helps firefighters stay safe during wildfires.
The Science of Problem SolvingWhether we’re aware of it or not, complex mathematical systems flow through our lives, but you don’t need to understand differential equations to appreciate the power of math.
Dr. Semih Aslan cleans a solar panel with a rag and water
Deciphering Signals, Engineering SolutionsThe world is full of signals — changes in temperature, pressure, frequency — and Texas State's Dr. Semih Aslan, associate professor of engineering, can read them.