Making a Difference Where It Matters Most

Bobcats across the nation are doing their part to keep those most vulnerable safe during COVID-19. Freshman Olivia Gunn is making masks for healthcare workers in an assisted living facility.

Colorful safety masks made by Olivia Gunn and her grandmother

Bobcat freshman Olivia Gunn is making the most out of the current situation by giving back to the community she calls home. The League City resident is helping her grandmother, a nutrition aid at The Crossings, make much-needed masks for the staff of the nonprofit retirement community.

Because residents there are more at risk for contracting COVID-19, employees are required to take additional precautions when providing vital care. The international shortage of personal protective equipment has left many medical personnel without the supplies they so greatly need. To fight against this shortage, Olivia’s grandmother volunteered to make masks for the dietary department.

“This is one of these moments where we all need to come together as a community (not physically of course) and show our support because I think everyone is going through something right now,” Olivia says.

The international studies and art history major got to work immediately.

I love doing my best to help my community. My goal is to help keep as many people safe as I can.
— Olivia Gunn, TXST freshman
Gunn & her grandmother prepare masks

While the coronavirus pandemic has interrupted her routines and first-year experience at Texas State, she has still managed to remain positive in light of the strikingly stressful situation. “Because of the pandemic, my parents have been working from home, so it’s nice to be able to see them more,” she says, adding, “I can help them with their work, and they can help me with my schoolwork.”

Of course, Olivia hasn’t forgotten the great times she’s had thus far at Texas State. “I miss seeing my friends. I’m a member of the Texas State Fencing Club, and I really miss going to practice and seeing my teammates, too.”

And she’s probably not the only one ready to get back to the beautiful San Marcos Campus and visit the river.  

“I’m just excited to get back into the routine,” says Olivia.

Until then, she’ll continue helping to make a meaningful difference in League City by making masks for the staff at The Crossings. Her efforts have even been getting noticed by members of her community who have requested their own masks. Because of the need, Olivia says she will continue working with her grandmother to help make a difference where it matters most.

“I just hope that everyone is staying safe. Although we’re spread out across Texas and the United States now, we’re all still Bobcats, and we’re all in this together.” ⭑

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